Sewer Video Inspection

Optimizing State-of-the-Art Technology to Inspect Sewage Systems

Sewer Video Inspection

Video Inspection is just about the best technology you can find in plumbing today. Just imagine, being able to see, frame by frame, what is going on deep below the surface of your plumbing, and being able to diagnose areas in need of repair. It is often these hidden areas that cause perpetual, ongoing plumbing problems that have you calling plumbers to come back multiple times.

Video inspection technology is the cutting edge, and an indicator of the caliber plumbing company you are working with. Half Price Plumbing provides you with the best in sewer video inspection for the best price in the Pembroke Pines and Broward County Florida area.

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Who needs Sewer Video Inspection?

Anybody who is experiencing repetitive clogs or persistently slow draining probably has an issue in their plumbing that can't be seen without sewer video inspection. If these problems aren't diagnosed in time, they can lead to serious problems and costly plumbing repairs down the road. In fact, before sewer video inspection technology was available, more often than not, it would take a serious plumbing crisis to alert you to the fact that you had problems below the surface in your plumbing.

Some of the reasons you should get a Sewer Video Inspection:

  • You can Detect the Condition of your Drainage Lines and Pipes
  • You can Locate Spots in Plumbing in Need of Repair with Pinpoint Accuracy
  • It's Safe for all Types/Materials of Pipes and Plumbing
  • It Locates Areas Where Pipes are Fragile or Wearing
  • It Can Alert you before Serious Problems or Flooding Occurs
  • It's Far Cheaper than Hiring Plumbers to Return Several Times to Treat Symptoms of the Same Problem

Here is a list of Problems that Sewer Video Inspection Will Detect:

  • Collapsed/Bursted pipes - Pipes and sewer lines are damaged regularly from settling, freezing and natural shifting of the ground.
  • Pipe Corrosion - Over time, pipes naturally deteriorate, crack, burst and bend, causing flooding, clogging or other water flow restrictions.
  • Leaking Joints - Similarly, over time, the seals where each of your pipes connect will wear down or break, releasing water into unwanted areas around the joint.
  • Root Damage - Your plumbing goes beneath the surface of your home, where they are often surrounded by roots from trees that can damage pipes where their path's intersect.

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