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Common Pembroke Pines Water Heater Repairs

Water heaters have a number of parts on them, which means that sooner or later there is going to be a problem. Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, you may be able to fix it yourself, or you can get a professional to handle your water heater repairs. 1/2 Price Plumbing has plumbers in Pembroke Pines who will be glad to help you.

Need More Hot Water in Pembroke Pines

After a few years, you may start to find that your water heater does not seem to be putting out as much hot water as it once did. One reason that this may happen is because you are getting mineral deposits built up inside the tank.

In order to get rid of these deposits, or to make sure that this is not the reason, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Turn off the electricity or gas supply.
  • Turn off the water supply valve above the tank.
  • Give the water some time to cool down.
  • Put a bucket underneath the drain valve near the bottom of the tank, and let the water drain into it.
  • Open one hot water valve anywhere in the house to let in some air.
  • After all the water is drained out, turn the inlet water valve back on and run the water until it becomes clear.
  • Turn the power back on, or the gas – and be sure it is lit.

The Water Heater Makes Noises

Another common problem is that a water heater can start to make some unusual noise. This is not something you want to ignore, since it may be dangerous to leave it alone. If it is boiling inside, it may mean your temperature cutoff switch is not working properly and you are getting too much pressure inside. To solve this problem and get the needed water heater repairs, Pembroke Pines has plumbers that you can call for immediate assistance.

Another possibility is that you may be hearing popping and banging sounds. This is caused by sediment building up on the heating elements, and then exploding when the elements heat up. You can solve this problem by draining the water (mentioned above), and this will remove some of the sediment – but some may be too big to pass through the drain.

The Water from the Water Heater Is Discolored

Different minerals in the water can cause discoloration, such as iron and copper, as well as some others. Find out if you have discoloration in both the hot and cold water lines. If it occurs with just the hot water side, then you will need to drain your water heater – the same way as mentioned above. If it is both lines, then you should talk to a plumber about the best way to take care of these water heater repairs. Pembroke Pines has plumbers that can help you with installing a water softener or a whole house water filter.

If you are experiencing any of these common water heater problems in Pembroke Pines and would like the help of a licensed professional plumbercontact us today for fast, friendly, honest, and reliable service.

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