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Where Is A T&P Valve Found?

Found on residential water heaters, the T&P valve was designed to relieve pressure from a water heater if it reaches excessive pressures and temperatures. Since water expands when heated, the T&P valve was created to monitor the changes of your water heater to keep it from malfunctioning or exploding due to the heating process. Thermal expansion is the reason you need the T&P valve in your Pembroke Pines home, as the contents of your water heated will expand up to a 1/2 a gallon when heated to its thermostat setting. Excessive pressure for your water heater tends to be around 150 psig (pounds-force per square inch gauge), and excessive temperature would be 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

How The T&P Valve Protects Your Pembroke Pines Water Heater

The T&P valve protects your water heater by discharging water when it reaches excessively hot temperatures and high pressures, making it an excellent indicator of whether or not your water heater is functioning properly. If the water heater in your Pembroke Pines home is operating normally, there should be no water discharged from the T&P valve. If the valve seems to be discharging water, that’s an indication that there’s a problem with your system. There are several reasons your system could be discharging the water, including but not limited to the following: thermal expansion, excess system pressure, low temperature relief, setting the water heater too high, or some other factor within the heater itself.

How Your T&P Valve Should Be Installed

Since it regulates your water heater, correct installation of your temperature and pressure relief valve is a must. There should always be a discharge line running from the T&P valve. This avoids water damage or scalding hot water due to operation. The discharge line must be connected to the valve and then run to a place of disposal, where any discharge will be clearly visible. All of this must be done by local plumbing codes, which is why you must have a licensed plumbing contractor install it.

Check Your T&P On A Regular Basis

The T&P valve in your Pembroke Pines home should also be checked periodically to make sure it’s functioning properly. The valve must be tripped at least once a year to make sure the waterways are clear of any blockages that may cause trouble for your water heater, such as mineral deposits. Since all functions of the system must be following local plumbing codes and standards, maintenance and regulation of the T&P valve are best left to a licensed plumbing contractor.

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